The UGC Nepal, through the EQAAC, has been implementing the QAA System, as an important component of reforms in Nepali higher education. As the Council develops and approves QAA related policy and process the QAAD, Secretariat to the Council, implements the QAA in the country. The Division is led by the Director who is also the Member Secretary for the Council and Technical Committee. A categorically defined Job Description (JD) has been given to all the experts and the personnel working in the Division. Currently, the Division is mobilizing the pool of over 150 national and over 50 international (foreign) experts to implement the QAA related activities. The experts are nominated in need-based cases while the Division is providing its service by following Team:-

1. Dr. Rishikesh Pandey, Director, QAA/UGC

2. Mr. Narayan Prasad Bhandari, QAA/UGC

3. Ms. Mamata Prajapati, QAA/UGC

4. Ms. Aashma Adhikari, QAA/UGC

5. Ms. Nabina Chaulagain, QAA/UGC