UGC Release Grants to Six Hundred Community Campuses

Physical Development Grants University Grants Commission has recently made the decision to disburse the grants for developing physical facilities, strengthening libraries and purchasing books and equipment to community campuses for the fiscal year 2076/77. The total amount of the grants is Rs.400000000. One hundred forty seven campuses have been selected for the grants in this fiscal year. The grants under these programs are provided to enhance physical capacity of campuses in order to foster quality of education and to improve capacity of campuses to enhance the access number of students every fiscal year in the education system of the whole country. The grants are provided to extend physical facilities such as classrooms, library, toilet and administrative buildings in community campuses. The scheme further extended other categories with specific purposes. Purchasing books aimed to provide facility of both textbook and reference book available in the library so that needy students can easily access the resource in convenient manner. Furniture for classroom and library support is aimed to make comfort and ease teaching learning. Equipments support is aimed to improve technology in the teaching learning sphere, better execution of administrative work and to capacitate to link the campus to the world. UGC also acknowledged the importance of extra curriculum activities in higher education. To achieve the better result, community campuses are provided grant to improve the ECA infrastructure and materials, this year 8 campuses were selected to improve the ECA with support of 10 lakhs per campus. To receive this support, campuses must apply within the stipulated deadline, and the grant received must be used as per agreement done with UGC. The submitted proposals, number of faculty, number of students, location of the campus and pass rate are the criteria used to select the campuses for the grants. To get a grant for construction of buildings, the minimum number of students required is 75. Regular Grants As affiliated community campuses are provided with regular grants to develop the quality of education every year, the commission has also decided to provide regular grants to 457 campuses with the total amount being Rs. 3840 00000 for the fiscal year 2076/77. The grants have been provided according to the Regular Programs Giddiness, 2076 approved by the Commission. The regular grants are provided to the campuses that have completed at least one academic year of Bachelor’s or Master’s level programs. The community campuses are provided regular grants based on given criteria and justifiable documents submitted to the Commission. The regular grant amount varies based on academic programs, academic level, number of students, science and technical programs and campus location. The grants have been made available to community campuses that satisfy the following criteria: ● must have completed one academic cycle (that is, they must have completed at least three years of academic performance); ● must have “campus constitution or statute” with the clear provision of regular re-constitution of executive board, open membership for anyone interested to support the campus, and the provision of property transfer to the affiliating university or government of Nepal in case of the dissolution of the campus; ● must have legal evidence of community campus status (that is, they must have obtained a certifying letter from community campus association, the village development committee, or the district development committee) ● must have an audit report by a registered auditor.