Endorsement of IQAC Directives

As a long-term strategy to develop quality culture and establishing a minimum standard in quality education system in the universities and HEIs operating in Nepal, UGC has endorsed Directive for the formation and operation of Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) in universities and HEIs. The Directive has set IQAC as a central mechanism of quality management. The University-level IQAC are led by the Vice-Chancellors while the Campus Chief or the Head of the Institution leads the IQAC in HEIs.

The directive points out the major responsibilities of IQACs as :

a. Assure the quality - educational/ academic, research and administrative in reference to the criteria, benchmarks and indicators set by UGC/HEQAAC, and adopt best practices of Academia abroad,

b. Implement the provision of regular (annual) internal academic audit and periodic external academic audit,

c. Review the LoI and SSR of the institutions internally and recommend, as appropriate, to the HEQAAC for further process of accreditation,

d. Facilitate and supervise the affiliated HEIs to go through QAA progress

e. Monitor the annual progress of the affiliated HEIs and document the changes over time. Also encourage them to conduct academic audits - internal (regularly), and university as well as external (periodically) and

f. Conduct an internal peer review of the institutions.