Approval of Research Sustainability Plan

University Grants Commission (UGC) has approved the Research Sustainability Plan on 6 May 2020. The Plan has focused on strengthening research capacity and inculcating research culture in higher education institutions (HEIs). In addition, the highlights of the plan included ensuring regular and sustainable funding in national priority research areas and maximizing meaningful investment in quality research and innovation.

UGC has been playing a key role in setting research agendas and stream-lining funding to strengthen the research and development capacity of HEIs. Taking national priority areas into account and realizing increasing demands for research and development activities in HEIs, the UGC experience shows that the existing source of research funding and budget allocation grossly inadequate . As a result, conducting research in the set priority areas is difficult. The sustainability plan has been developed to address such resource gaps and promote research activities in HEIs.


The plan has proposed the provision of establishing National Research Council (NRC) under the umbrella of UGC. It is expected to function as national apex body for advancing research and innovation in the country as National Education Policy-2076 has envisioned. The major objectives of establishing the National Research Council (Foundation) is to energize research, development and innovations across the country in all academic disciplines and in all higher education institutions.

Higher Education Policy-2076 has emphasized making research and innovation relevant to the national priority and at par with international trends and practices. In its policy measures, it has emphasized provisioning grants for undertaking quality research on the basis of national needs and priorities. The policy states that higher education in Nepal should be research-based and innovative. Accordingly, higher education institutes are expected to function as education hubs and innovation centers in the country. HEIs should maximize research impact by introducing research based academic programs, quality publications, and market-driven product development both at national and international levels.

UGC has been promoting research activities at HEIs since its establishment. Currently, it has been providing funding support under research grants, fellowships, research infrastructure development and capacity development programs.