Agreement between UGC and NT to Facilitate Teaching and Learning

While the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the teaching-learning activities, an agreement has been signed between University Grants Commission and Nepal Telecom to facilitate the teaching-learning and research activities in higher education. University Grants Commission’s Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Subash Chandra Dhungel and Nepal Telecom’s MD Mr. Dilliram Adhikari signed the agreement in presence of Honorable Minister for Education, Science, and Technology Mr. Giriraj Mani Pokharel and UGC Chairperson Prof. Dr. Bhim Prasad Subedi. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between UGC and NT for facilitation of the Online Education promotion Offers launched by NT. UGC, an apex body of higher education in Nepal, has recently issued Guidelines for Facilitating Alternative Mode of learning in Higher Education, 2077 to mitigate impact of Covid-19 on regular academic activities of universities and other higher education institutions. Covid-19 has caused unprecedented disturbances in the teaching learning situation of higher education institutions. Uncertainties continue and amidst these uncertainties and difficulties it is the joint responsibility of all stakeholders that the loss incurred to mitigate to the extent possible without compromising the objectives of the curriculum and quality of teaching and learning.

As per the agreement, NT will designed the ‘Happy Learning Pack’ for the online education and UGC will inform to the universities and ask for them to recommend students to subscribe the pack offered by NT as an alternative e-learning platform. Accordingly, NT will coordinate with all the universities and higher education institutions upon signing of this MOU and inform about this activities. Depending upon the volume of usage NT agree to provide a suitable video conferencing platform at subsidized rates to ‘Happy Learning Pack’ data user. For registering there will be following two options:

1. NT will ask the students to fill up a brief data sheet from NT website containing information on Name of the Student, Gender, Citizenship No, Mobile Number, University, Campus, Campus Type (Constituent, Community, Private) Name and student ID Number, Level and Address to subscribe the data package. NT will generate a summary report of the data users from this information and provide UGC upon request . this information regarding the data user will not be provided to a third party without the consensus of the UGC.

2. The universities and other higher education institutions shall provide the list of the students NT mobile number for eligibility in the email address Both pre-paid mobile numbers shall be eligible for the packs. The obtained numbers shall be maintained by NT. The students will be notified through SMS about being eligible for the packs. The students by using USSD code 1442 will subscribe the packs.